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Opts MLS#TypeLease PriceBedsBathsSq. Ft.GarageAcresAddressCity
1954235MF$510116005.44800 S Norma #L STRidgecrest
1954159MF$600116000.83714 N Sanders #E STRidgecrest
1954131MF$600117500.23617 E Ridgecrest #B BLVDRidgecrest
1954254MF$600116000.83730 N Sanders #B STRidgecrest
1954288SF$600119000.25743 S Norma STRidgecrest
1954160MF$600116000.83718 N Sanders #F STRidgecrest
1954215MF$600116000.83726 N Sanders STRidgecrest
1954253MF$650219000.19225 S Gold Canyon STRidgecrest
1954033MF$750218000.18920 W Alene #C AVERidgecrest
1954216MF$750228505.44804 S Norma STRidgecrest
1954292MF$775221,0001.20141 W Upjohn #203 AVERidgecrest
1954255MF$775221,0001.20141 W Upjohn Ave #113 AVERidgecrest
1954252MF$775229501.20141 W Upjohn #105 AVERidgecrest
1954234MF$77516001.20141 W Upjohn #213A AVERidgecrest
1953862MF$775117001.20141 W Upjohn #214 AVERidgecrest
1953494MF$80017001.20141 W Upjohn #110A AVERidgecrest
1954134SF$80031.501,4610.18227 S Fire Opal STRidgecrest
1954240SF$8501179652361 W Dolphin AVERidgecrest
1954126MF$850219000.19916 W Graaf #B AVERidgecrest
1954293MF$875115000.07525 E Ridgecrest #2 BLVDRidgecrest
1954177MF$875229500.18637 Perdew #B AVERidgecrest
1954228MMF$900221,2482.141226 N Sun STInyokern
1954191MF$950221,0001.20141 W Upjohn #205 AVERidgecrest
1954247MF$950321,0000.191005 W Alene #C AVERidgecrest
1954278SF$950321,2112 Car0.20219 N Norma STRidgecrest
1953961MF$995218780.171301 N El Prado #C DRRidgecrest
1953536MF$1,000218000.31137 W Wilson #F AVERidgecrest
1954174MF$1,00031.509500.21600 W Graaf #C AVERidgecrest
1953612SF$1,100321,0082 Car0.19233 W French AVERidgecrest
1953691SF$1,100321,3622 Car0.14933 W Boston AVERidgecrest
1954277SF$1,100321,1612 Car0.17420 Lenore STRidgecrest
1954227CT$1,10032.501,3052 Car1.18221 E Upjohn AVERidgecrest
1953864MF$1,100217200.55360 S Sunset STRidgecrest
1954256SF$1,200321,2362 Car0.17932 Kinnett AVERidgecrest
1953983SF$1,295321,3820.18409 N Sanders STRidgecrest
1954295SF$1,300321,2492 Car0.141405 Mayo STRidgecrest
1954080SF$1,400321,7162 Car0.17543 S Warner STRidgecrest
1954176SF$1,450321,2192 Car0.19304 E Upjohn AVERidgecrest
1954279SF$1,500431,8902 Car0.141309 Sims STRidgecrest
1954276SF$1,60032.502,0652 Car0.172128 S El Hogar STRidgecrest
1954272SF$1,700321,5821 Car0.14642 N Inyo STRidgecrest
1954140SF$1,750321,4652 Car0.18112 W Paseo Airosa AVERidgecrest
1953605SF$1,80032.501,7062 Car0.10243 President WAYRidgecrest
1954002SF$1,900422,0132 Car0.21909 Scott STRidgecrest
1954226SF$1,90043.502,6442 Car31841 W Ridgecrest BLVDRidgecrest
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