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Opts MLS#TypeLease PriceBedsBathsSq. Ft.GarageAcresAddressCity
1953804MF$675215.44848 S Norma #B STRidgecrest
1953940MF$675116000.91405 Rick #I CTRidgecrest
1953892MF$675116000.91415 Rick #I CTRidgecrest
1953858MF$675219000.15234 S Sunset #B STRidgecrest
1953810MF$675215.44856 S Norma #E STRidgecrest
1953778MH$700219000.681553 W Coral AVERidgecrest
1953801MF$700219000.18405 S Sunset #C STRidgecrest
1953862MF$725117001.20141 W Upjohn #214 AVERidgecrest
1953941MF$750321,0000.18405 S Sunset #A STRidgecrest
1953863MF$750221,0001.20141 W Upjohn #202 AVERidgecrest
1953629MF$750217870.14536 Atkins #B STRidgecrest
1953922MF$750219000.14113 S Richmond #A RDRidgecrest
1953919MF$775221,0001.20141 W Upjohn #106 AVERidgecrest
1953918MF$775221,0001.20141 W Upjohn #102 AVERidgecrest
1953960MF$775229501.20141 W Upjohn AVERidgecrest
1953929MF$775229001.20141 W Upjohn #108 AVERidgecrest
1953494MF$85017001.20141 W Upjohn #110A AVERidgecrest
1953709SF$850321,8942 Car0.171444 Second STInyokern
1953954MF$87521.509000.22608 Perdew #B AVERidgecrest
1953953MF$87521.509000.22608 Perdew #A AVERidgecrest
1953910MH$875221,3440.245241 Cholla WAYRidgecrest
1953865MMF$900321,0342.508052 Olancha AVEInyokern
1953905SF$950311,0271 Car0.14534 Atkins STRidgecrest
1953917MF$950221,0001.20141 W Upjohn #101 AVERidgecrest
1953857MF$950321,0000.18421 S Sunset #A STRidgecrest
1953442MF$950221,0001.20141 W Upjohn #205 AVERidgecrest
1953809MF$970325.44824 S Norma #C STRidgecrest
1953937MF$975321,1500.28201 S Lumill #A STRidgecrest
1953715MF$995218780.171301 N El Prado #B STRidgecrest
1953961MF$995218780.171301 N El Prado #C DRRidgecrest
1953536MF$1,000218000.31137 W Wilson #F AVERidgecrest
1953776CT$1,05032.501,4882 Car0.02147 E Upjohn AVERidgecrest
1953874SF$1,050321,1612 Car0.23408 Karin STRidgecrest
1953770SF$1,100321,1441 Car0.141016 W Mariposa AVERidgecrest
1953864MF$1,100217200.55360 S Sunset STRidgecrest
1953612SF$1,150321,0082 Car0.19233 W French AVERidgecrest
1953691SF$1,200321,3622 Car0.14933 W Boston AVERidgecrest
1953784SF$1,200321,4982 Car0.15428 W Ward AVERidgecrest
1953890SF$1,300421,8192 Car0.211212 W Tamarisk AVERidgecrest
1953902SF$1,400321,3692 Car0.15532 W Joyner AVERidgecrest
1953923SF$1,55042.501,6592 Car0.191117 Lucille CTRidgecrest
1953687SF$1,80032.502,1913 Car0.27128 W Mojave Rose AVERidgecrest
1953775SF$1,80042.501,8263 Car0.201229 Rebecca AVERidgecrest
1953605SF$1,90032.501,7062 Car0.10243 President WAYRidgecrest
1953957SF$1,900422,0252 Car0.24213 W Shenandoah AVERidgecrest
1953947SF$2,200321,5762 Car0.14707 La Paloma STRidgecrest
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