Application Information

Rental Application Process:

1. Select the home you want to rent (View List).

2. Complete a rental application. -- Online application CLICK HERE or...
                                                               Print and mail or drop off at our office. CLICK HERE
     > You can download the application and open it in your PDF program on your computer. From there, you can type in the required fields. You may print it and either mail it or drop it off at our office. You also have the option to print it to your computer as a PDF. This way, you can attach the PDF to an email and send it right away.

3. Pay the application fee of $35 per person in the form of a money order or cashier's check ONLY, or with a debit/credit card if you submit your application through our online portal.
     > You may use one money order or cashier's check for multiple credit checks. However, approved refunds will only be issued to the payee. 
     > If you re-apply for multiple properties within 90 days - you only have to pay 1 application fee.

4. Wait for us to process your application (normally takes 2-3 days)
      > We will run a credit check & check references.
      > We will email or call you to let you know of our decision.

5. Utility contact list CLICK HERE

30 Day Notice (Move Out Process):

1. Call Coldwell Banker Best Realty and give verbal notice.

2. Complete the 30 Days Notice Form  -- CLICK HERE.

3. Make sure form is received by Coldwell Banker Best Realty.

4. Schedule Final Walk Through.