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Opts MLS#TypeLease PriceBedsBathsSq. Ft.GarageAcresAddressCity
1956653MF$400111500.16710 W Atkins STRidgecrest
1956758MF$700218100.15817 Commercial #B AVERidgecrest
1956814MF$725218400.15509 Commercial Apt B AVERidgecrest
1956715MF$725217000.25741 S Allen #B STRidgecrest
1956725MF$75021.501,2000.07531 E Ridgecrest #A BLVDRidgecrest
1956661MF$800218780.191300 N El Prado Apt B STRidgecrest
1956286MF$825218400.19212 S Gold Canyon #B STRidgecrest
1956809MH$875221,3440.245241 Cholla WAYRidgecrest
1956564MF$87521.509000.22628 Perdew #B AVERidgecrest
1956789MF$89521.509500.22608 Perdew #B AVERidgecrest
1956771MF$900219500.14219 Panamint Apt A AVERidgecrest
1956790MF$900321,0000.18421 S Sunset #A STRidgecrest
1956563MF$900218500.191325 N El Prado Dr #A DRRidgecrest
1956796MF$925311,1000.14821 N Balsam #A STRidgecrest
1956746MF$975329005.44832 S Norma #B STRidgecrest
1956640MF$975329005.44832 S Norma #C STRidgecrest
1956780CT$1,05022.501,2222 Car0.03141 S Lilac STRidgecrest
1956657MMF$1,050221,2000.161401 W Langley AVERidgecrest
1956767MF$1,095218780.171331 N El Prado #A DRRidgecrest
1956764CT$1,150321,1222 Car0.30124 S Lilac STRidgecrest
1956813SF$1,250421,5192 Car0.18536 W Coso AVERidgecrest
1956818SF$1,250321,3322 Car2.506112 Norman CTInyokern
1956817MMF$1,250321,4562 Car1.591465 Pony STRidgecrest
1956727CT$1,250231,2882 Car1.18227 E Upjohn AVERidgecrest
1956658SF$1,300321,3652 Car0.19709 Ginger AVERidgecrest
1956381SF$1,350321,6242 Car0.20332 Larkspur STRidgecrest
1956695SF$1,350321,1932 Car0.161005 Mariposa AVERidgecrest
1956536SF$1,350321,4982 Car0.15428 W Ward AVERidgecrest
1956719SF$1,350321,2882 Car0.14604 Sherwood CTRidgecrest
1956816SF$1,400321,4473 Car0.16430 Mount Baldy CIRRidgecrest
1956614SF$1,425321,3802 Car0.141325 Porter STRidgecrest
1956779SF$1,450321,5302 Car0.15109 Nancy AVERidgecrest
1956797SF$1,475421,7262 Car0.20525 Randall STRidgecrest
1956674SF$1,500522,1594 Car0.281131 W Saint George AVERidgecrest
1956565SF$1,500321,2742 Car0.141008 Sims STRidgecrest
1956623SF$1,550321,5532 Car0.17332 S Sunland STRidgecrest
1956497SF$1,600321,6562 Car0.20717 S Lakeland STRidgecrest
1956535SF$1,600321,2642 Car0.20613 GingerRidgecrest
1956251SF$1,699431,8422 Car0.232324 S Desert Cassia STRidgecrest
1956651MF$1,750115762.19919 N Heritage #46 DRRidgecrest
1956551SF$1,800322,0892 Car0.23917 N Sierra View STRidgecrest
1956639SF$1,900422,0132 Car0.21909 Scott STRidgecrest
1956788SF$2,050422,3802 Car0.301221 Denise AVERidgecrest
1956679SF$2,400444,5553 Car0.241125 Las Cruces CTRidgecrest
1956662SF$2,500422,1002 Car0.231119 Marbella DRRidgecrest
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